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"Civil War Monument"


Trunks of trees calmly and powerfully rise to the sun, sky is above your head, grass under feet, in the grass .............. suddenly!......... As if the time has stopped, a flash of snapshot photography, as from heavy dream THEY came to the light. Monsters of the war. Trees put into armour. Heavy and rigid coat of mail paralyzed the living flesh. And this living flesh hides and shrinks under the oppression of military armour.

Trees attack each other and ......... stay still at the peak of mortal combat. Silence. Through the loop-holes - wet grass can be seen. Blind crust flows over the gun barrel.Trunks, slender once upon a time, swing and creep to the sun. The Nature combined with the Time slowly breaks down the armour of the War.    



Monument is a monumental medium, monumental space, but not an independent sculpture thing. Monument is a process. Its tragic power grows in time, as a main creator of the monument - Nature. Unpredictable and agonizing growth of trees will be a dramaturgy of such a monument.








Technical description:

1. Rigid jacket limits free growth of trees. It forces them to make their way to the sun with difficulty, acquiring abnormal shapes of struggle.

2. General layout is arranged as two counteracting groups differing in the contrast of materials, texture, forms.

3. Monument comprises no less than 10 trees. The closer the line dividing «opposing» groups the more covered blank «cover». In the center - dead zone, no living things grow here.


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