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Arcady Severny


A lonely man went away on thin ice. Genius performer, he was not a hero, neither victim. A continent named Severny (translated as Northern) disappeared. Legend and voice remained.



Block of Ice

The wave brought a piece of ice to the shore. Traces remain on its melting surface. They get lost in dirty water of Piter channel. And lead to the sky.


Submerged Continent

The ice block outlines repeat the boundaries of no longer existing country (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).


«Ice block» is a piece of a giant posthumous mask. Hills of wrinkles, helix filled with water, set up a landscape of the submerged island.


Old lamppost illuminates the site of the monument, guarding against its disappearing in the night.


A tramp is sleeping in the snow womb, rolled up as an embryo. Covering snow rubbed off its outlines and turned it into an imperceptible hill. And only the ice block split detected his last refuge.





Technical Design

Metal plastic rib-type plate (8 x 5 m) is mounted on pontoons with a tilt of 15 degrees relative to the horizon level. Anchor limits the mobility of the floating structure.


Place Selection Concept


The monument is supposed to be installed at one of channels (with a width no less than 100 m) so that it does not jam the navigation.