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The life of the old horse comes to end behind that - the death.

 But before the death, the fortune gives him the last fantastic vision 

 which opens the world filled with an endless life and love.




Boy. The Rain Horse

(anim. film, 35 mm, 16 min.) 2008


script  Oleg Bogaev, Dmitry Geller

director  Dmitry Geller

art-director  Anna Karpova

music by  John Zorn

voice  Elena Kamburova




Grand Prix. Best animation film. Festival "KINOFEST" Romania. 2008

Grand Prix. Best animation film. Festival "WINDOW TO EUROPE" Vyborg. 2008

Prize of the Guild of Film Critics and Cinema Journalists Russia «WHITE ELEPHANT»." 2008

Diplome of Guild of film critics. Festival "WINDOW TO EUROPE" Vyborg. 2008

Prize "Bright Impression". Festival "GOLDEN FISH" Russia 2008

2nd place. A professional rating. Festival "SUZDAL" 2008




















script Oleg Bogaev   Dmitry Geller
idee Vladimir & Dmitry Geller
director, composing Dmitry Geller
art-director Anna Karpova
animation Anna Karpova, Dmitry Geller
music by John Zorn
cello Erik Friedlander
piano Rob Burger
bass Greg Cohen
voice Elena Kamburova
sound Hafiz Ibragimli
producer Khignjakova Valentina