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Fishes, Swimmers, Boats

(anim. film, HDTV, 9.40 min.) China - Russia - Bulgaria 2017

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director  Dmitry Geller, Andrey Koulev

art-director  Anna Karpova

producer  Zheng Liguo

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Grand Prix. Festival "TINDIRINDIS" Lithuania. 2017

Grand Prix. Best animation film. Festival "WINDOW TO EUROPE" Vyborg. 2017

Prize of the Guild of Film Critics and Cinema Journalists Russia «WHITE ELEPHANT» "The best animated film of the year." 2017

The Best Short Film Award. SUZDAL, Russia 2017

The Critics' Award. SUZDAL, Russia 2017

The Award in the Name of TATARSKY. SUZDAL, Russia 2017

People's Choice Award (3rd place). SUZDAL, Russia 2017

The Best animation film for adults. ANIMAEVKA. Belarus. 2017

Special mention jury. BANJA LUKA. Bosnia and Herzegovina. 2017

The Critics' Award. BFM. Moscow. 2017